Prizes and Awards

In the NPC Music City Muscle we believe everyone is a Champion for stepping on stage!  We all have our own personal journeys and reasons and aspirations to get on stage so we applaud each and every one of our athletes!  One of our goals being that both Brandon Curry and Brandy Leaver are both competitors themselves, is to provide athletes with an experience that they feel like they are rewarded for their efforts no matter what their placing is.  We strive to make everyone feel like they matter, and make them proud to be a part of the Music City Muscle experience.  With that being said, we are absolutely honored to have each competitor, sponsor, spectator and staff member as a part of such a great show.  Without everyone's participation and contribution it would not be so great!

 Each competitor will receive a goody bag backpacked stuffed with gifts and samples from various supplement sponsors who support the athletes and the show!  Bags are provided complimentary by StrongBody Nutrition in Murfreesboro, TN at the competitor weigh-in/check-in.

 At the evening finals, please stay for a special treat that Brandon and Brandy provide one of the South's famous desserts-RED VELEVET CAKE from their FAVORITE local bakery as a token of our appreciation for your participation!  So hold off on the cake during your prep and have no regrets!  Bring your best package to the stage!  Let us provide the cake so you can have your cake and eat it too!   Also in the 'green room' where the cake is located will be drinks and snacks provided for competitors and staff members.  All drinks, snacks and food are complimentary.  


 All 1-3 place class winners will receive a Niels Anderson sculpture trophy, and 4-5 will receive a Niels Anderson wooden plaque.  

 All Overall winners will receive a cherry wood mounted Niels Anderson Sculpture trophy, along with a Music City Muscle duffle bag, Music City Muscle custom made hoodie embroidered with '2013 Music City Muscle Overall Champion", Music City Muscle T-Shirt and Hat, gift package from ProTan USA, 2 complimentary tickets to the 2014 Music City Muscle Finals event, a complimentary professional photo shoot with Shannon Fontaine along with magazine submissions and BSN Supplements.  

Men's Bodybuilding Overall Champion not only receives the bragging rights of being the 2013 Mr Music City Muscle, but he will also receive a custom made Cardillo weight training belt embroidered with the title 2013 Mr Music City Muscle to wear to the gym and take his training to the next level!

 Our bodybuilding Hero class first place winner will also receive a custom made Cardillo weight training belt embroidered with Music City Muscle Hero Champion.   

All female Overall winners will be featured on by industry renowned photographer Isaac Hinds. 

 Bikini Overall champion wins a custom made designer suit from professional competition suit designer Cynthia Jaes.

 Men's Physique Overall winner receives a 1 year modeling contract with one of the industry's top fitness modeling agency Silver Model Management in NYC, presented by Adam Silver himself.

 2013 Music City Muscle IMPACT AWARD recipient:

Each year, we award the annual Music City Muscle Impact Award to someone who makes an impact in the bodybuilding, health and fitness industry and in our communities to create a healthier generation, one body at a time.  This years recipient goes to none other than the great, 8x Mr Olympia himself, Lee Haney who will be in attendance to receive his award.  

 Lee has made an impact in the community both on and off stage...not only was he the first of just 2 men in history to have won the coveted Mr Olympia title setting a record of 8 wins, but

Lee's popularity and respected position within his field have provided him with a lengthy list of awards and recognition including Proclamations from three cities and distinguished acknowledgments from The President's Council on Physical Fitness, The United States Sports Academy and The International Federation of Body Building.

In June 2010, Lee Haney formed the International Association of Fitness Sciences to give others the knowledge and tools he has acquired over the years in the fitness industry. 

The IAFS is now a worldwide recognized personal training certification in which both Brandon and Brandy are proud to be a part of.  Personal trainers around the world are using their IAFS certification to help change the lives of anyone with a health and fitness goal.  Whether its to step on stage, or to just simply lose weight, gain mobility and feel great!  For all the great work that Lee is doing in communities around the world and churches, we feel that he is the perfect and much deserving recipient for the IMPACT award.